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Spirit Wear Fundraiser: The #1 way to raise money for your school

Selling school spirit wear is the number one way to raise funds for your school. A spirit wear online fundraiser is the best to raise money to purchase new playground equipment for your elementary school, school supplies for your middle school, or upgrade tech equipment for your high school, a spirit wear online fundraiser is the best way to do so. School spirit wear creates unity and togetherness while raising money for groups, clubs, and organizations within your school.

A spirit wear fundraiser typically includes screen printed or embroidered apparel. You can add items such as t-shirts, hoodies, and hats with your school’s logo, colors, or mascot. Spirit wear fundraisers create a great opportunity to involve everyone. Students, parents, and alumni alike are most likely to purchase spirit wear to support their school and show off their school pride.


Students and parents going door-to-door to sell items for a school fundraiser is becoming a thing of the past. Creating an online spirit wear fundraising store provides a simple buying and selling experience for everyone involved. Students and parents are no longer responsible for keeping track of orders and payments for each customer. An online store offers people the freedom they crave. It allows them to visit the store and purchase products whenever they want to, day or night. It provides a safe, secure transaction option as well.

Easiest Fundraiser Ever at American Tees

American Tees has created the Easiest Fundraiser Ever. We set up your free online spirit wear store and handle everything for you. Our free online store allows us to offer spirit wear sales as an accessible fundraising option to all schools, no matter what their budget is. We also do all of the work for you such as keeping track of orders, payments, sizing details, and more. If you’re ready to let someone else do all the work involved in a spirit wear fundraiser, our team is ready to do it!

Target audience

Spirit wear fundraiser sales target a specific audience- students and their families. This focused approach can increase sales. People with a connection to the school are more likely to purchase something from your fundraiser. You can reach a wider range of your target audience by simply sharing your campaign on your social media pages. Alumni of your school may want to participate in the chance to support their alma mater and social media may be a better way to reach more of those people.

In addition to social media, you can easily promote your online spirit wear fundraiser through your school newsletter. Another option is the good old fashioned way- word of mouth. Promoting spirit wear is easy to do because all it takes is showcasing your school pride!

consistent demand

You can typically wear school spirit wear apparel year-round. This creates an ongoing demand for your school’s spirit wear apparel. People may buy multiple items for their students to wear year-round. They may even buy more than once a year because students grow and regularly need different sizes.

Although some fundraising sales are seasonal or limited to certain times of the year, spirit wear fundraisers can be consistently offered throughout the year. Regularly offering your spirit wear apparel through an online fundraiser can provide a consistent source of income. Your school can use that income to support after school classes, clubs, or activities that may otherwise be in danger of being cancelled due to limited funding.

start your spirit wear online fundraiser now!

Ready to get the ball rolling on your spirit wear fundraiser? We’re ready to help! American Tees loves working with schools to raise funds to improve the educational environment needed for students to thrive. In addition to a free online store, we’re proud to offer:

  • Free Prize Packages
  • School Spirit Wear Made Just for Your School
  • General Apparel for All Types of Buyers
  • Customizable Tumblers
American Tees offers students incentives to bring in sales.

Let us do all the work while you just focus on spreading the word. We want to see you succeed in meeting your campaign goals and maximize your profits, and we’ll do all we can to help ensure that happens! Don’t hesitate to come by the store or call/email our team if you have any questions about the Easiest Fundraiser Ever!

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