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Who We Are

Our Mission

To provide top quality products in a quick turnaround environment, to the greatest benefit of the customer while “working as unto the Lord.”

In the Bible, we are given clear instruction that, as believers, everything we say and do, and even think should point back the Lord. It is our desire that in everything we do here at American Tees, points back to the Lord. We base these beliefs and our mission statement on Colossians 3:23.

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Our Core Values

  • To make all customers feel valuable and that their order, no matter how small, is important
  • Be professional at all times including with co-workers
  • Provide the best quality product possible
  • Have orders ready before their due date
  • Have clean work areas.
  • “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”  Col. 3:23

“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

Colossians 3:23

An Extraordinary Start

Our story starts all the way back in 2001 where our founders Randy and Cheryl Fulbright made the decision to begin their journey into the world of screen printing. Even though they had three young children all under the age of 12, they knew this was the right decision for their family. 

Originally, their biggest goal for their new small business was to be different from all of the other screen printing companies who were never able to get orders out on time, and continually miss deadlines. With Randy’s previous experience as a young adult in a career tech program and Cheryl’s expertise in banking and accounting, they were able to create a multi-faceted business that has expanded their initial expectations all while keeping the main focus on their faith in God. 

With that promise kept in mind they officially opened shop on March, 24, 2001 in the small town of Mounds, Oklahoma. It wasn’t easy from the beginning since it was just the two of them with three children to provide for. Nevertheless their business continued to grow.

Randy & Cheryl Fulbright- Founders
Our third location- 19095 Alternate 75- Mounds

Growth & Expansion

Always teaching their daughters that hard work pays off, their eldest soon joined in working with them at just the age of 15. Starting out by cleaning screens and stacking shirts, Crystal quickly excelled in almost every aspect of the business. Learning the operations and machinery that come along with screen printing almost came naturally to her. She continued to grow beside her parents when American Tees were finally able to afford to expand into other areas within the screen printing world, one of which being embroidery. Cheryl, who had spent most of her early motherhood sewing and creating clothing for her children, was now tasked to learn the intricacies of embroidering. She learned quickly which brought in new business from all around the surrounding towns. Schools, small businesses, and churches began to flock to American Tees to get all of their apparel printed and embroidered. This influx of new business gave Randy and Cheryl the capabilities to move out of their small building in downtown Mounds, to a brand new building over twice the size of their original location. This new building gave them more opportunities to match the growth of their constantly expanding company. 

Two Locations to Serve

Even then their new building began to become too small just a couple of years down the road. They were able to open a second location in Glenpool, Oklahoma in May of 2010. This gave their eldest daughter a new title in the company, Manager. With this new title Crystal began to create new relationships with ball teams, bigger schools, and more businesses. American Tees made sure to be involved with as many community functions as they could by participating in Christmas parades, donating items to local charities for their fundraising events, and helping schools raise money for their activities by providing quality apparel and products. 

Our First Glenpool Location
grand opening of American Tees, people gathered around for a ribbon cutting in printed tees
Our current location at 15072 S Dogwood St in Glenpool, OK

Growth & Expansion…Again

Even then the business continued to grow between the two locations, making it increasingly difficult to deliver shirts back and forth from Mounds (where all of the screen printing was done) to Glenpool. After much discussion and prayers, Randy, Cheryl, and Crystal embarked on a huge project that would change the course of American Ts dynamic for years to come. This project was taking on the cumbersome task of combining both locations into one building.

The new location would make it more accessible to all of our customers by being right off of  busy highway 75.  So in July of 2015 we opened up the largest building our customers had seen yet. We were able to give back to the community by having a party in our new parking lot. Hundreds of people came out and received free t-shirts, food, and a fun experience. Then at the end of  our grand opening party we were able to cut the ribbon right in front of our brand new doors. 

Overcoming Hardships

The year 2020.

The year none of us ever expected and we sure weren’t prepared for.  Just like that our staff no longer had reasons to come to work.  Businesses weren’t in business, schools weren’t in session, and churches weren’t meeting.  And with that, business (and orders) came to a screeching halt.  This was when the family put their heads together to find a new niche that would be sustainable for years to come and ensure our staff would have successful, stable careers.  This was when Crystal realized the need for a duty gear and uniform supplier for first responders and industrial workers, a supplier that understood deadlines, the value of being a uniformed department in a decent price with a great turn around time.  The name of this new line would soon be known as American Uniform Wear.  

2021 was the year for massive growth.  Growth for American Ts, and growth for the new line American Uniform Wear.  New vendors and offerings were established and the showroom turned into a duty gear and tactical store instead of a showroom inspired by school spirit wear. 

And to think, we have only just begun…

Our 20th Anniversary celebration and grand opening for our new line for American Uniform Wear
Our Screen Printing and Embroidery Company through the years, watch as our company changed and grew to add new offerings.

One Big Happy Family

American Tees has been in business for over two decades in the Tulsa area. What started out as a small family hustling to serve their community has transformed into a small company of highly valued employees who are considered family. We’ve worked hard to ensure we hire people that embody our beliefs and core values, which makes it possible to effortlessly work together as a team to provide only the best customer service for our clientele. We don’t just call our staff our family, we act like one. We enjoy monthly company outings where our staff can spend time away from the office, have fun, eat and enjoy creating lasting relationships with other staff members. We want the people we hire to find a lasting, meaningful career here at American Tees, and we want our customers to feel welcomed by this family when stepping through our doors or communicating with us in any way. Our family looks forward to serving you!