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If you recently signed up for a fundraiser, you’re probably brainstorming or searching how to promote your fundraiser now. The most popular ways to promote a fundraiser today may consist of texting about it or sharing it on social media channels. While these are great ways to promote your fundraiser, there’s an “old fashioned” option that can produce better results than even the most popular social media platform. It’s often forgotten about but emailing is one of the best ways to promote your fundraising campaign.

You’re probably thinking there is no way using email marketing to promote your fundraiser can compete with social media marketing in today’s world. If you still think its unbelievable, consider these stats:

  • Email has 1.5 times the number of social media users.
  • 72% of people like to receive branded content through their email.
  • 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day. There’s no guarantee people will see your social media post, but they’ll almost always see your email.

Reel ’em in

The subject line of your fundraising campaign email could be considered the most crucial part of your email. Once your audience knows who the email is from, the next thing they’ll look at is the subject line. The one job your email subject line has is to entice the recipient to open the email. It can make all the difference in whether your recipient decides to hit open or delete. Create your email’s subject line to promote your fundraiser with your target audience in mind.

Composing an email for your fundraising campaign.

A good rule of thumb to use when creating a subject line is to avoid using click bait, add numbers if you can (numbers increase the chances of having your email opened), and personalize it if possible. Try to keep your subject line between 30 to 50 characters. According to a Mailchimp study, open rates were 12% higher when email subject lines had 50 characters or less and 75% higher click-through rates.


When using email to promote your fundraiser, including a couple of images just like you would in a social media post can be a smart move in your email marketing. You’ll want to keep it to one or two images at most. Using several images may slow down your email’s load time and cause your recipient to quickly hit the delete button. You’ll also want to make the files small to ensure a quicker load time.

Inserting your images is ALWAYS better than attaching them to your email. Nobody wants to have to open an attachment just to view an image. And honestly they may be afraid to if they worry attachments may contain viruses. If you’re having a t-shirt or other apparel fundraiser, it’s a good idea to add pictures of the item(s) for potential supporters to see.


Everybody likes easy and it’s no different when it comes to promoting your fundraiser. Once you’ve convinced someone to open your fundraising email, you’ve got their attention. Ensure you keep them interested by making it easy for your potential supporters to access your fundraising campaign to browse products. Clearly placing a link in your email that goes directly to your fundraising campaign is a MUST. However, you want to avoid adding any other links so you don’t draw their attention away from your fundraising campaign.


It’s time to promote your fundraiser once you have all of the important details figured out. While email marketing is important, your goal is to expose your fundraising campaign to potential supporters in numerous ways. Just because you shared something on social media to certain people doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also send them an email about it. Remember, not everyone sees every post you make on social media platforms. Increase your chances of maximizing your fundraising sales by spreading the word through every possible marketing option, to include email, social media, and even text messages.

Should you have any questions when starting your fundraising journey, American Tees is here to help. We take the guesswork out of your fundraising campaign with our Easiest Fundraiser Ever. We’ll be by your side every step of the way and we do all of the hard work for you while you focus on promoting your fundraiser. Contact us to get started!

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