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Why You Should Set Up an Online Ordering Portal for Your Department

Is it time to order uniforms and gear for your department again? Are you the one in charge of handling that task? If so, you may be really dreading what can feel like a full time job because of the responsibility that falls on your shoulders to keep track of how often to order and input every detail correctly for each staff member.  

We can help alleviate some of that stress by introducing the online one-stop ordering shop created by American Tees with your department in mind! We create an online ordering store for your department and you can use it for everything you want to offer, as little or as often as you need!

Easy Online Ordering Portal

As we previously stated, an online ordering portal eliminates the responsibility being placed on one person ordering the correct items and inputting the correct names or ranks for them. The person in charge of uniform ordering can send department staff directly to the online ordering portal for anything you’d like American Tees to offer including outerwear, shirts, headwear, boots, belts, leather gear, badges, brass, and insignia. It’s EASY! No more order forms, counting, or accidentally ordering the wrong size for someone. 

Staff can pay for their order by cash in the store, card online, a purchase order from the department, or through department pay if an allowance has been set up. They will receive an email when their order is ready to be shipped or picked up. The manager will have access to view the orders on the account and will also receive email updates when orders are placed and completed.

When YOU Should Use an Online Ordering Portal

The online ordering portal is a useful option for departments to order uniforms and gear as needed, but it can be used for other things too. Our online ordering portal is a great option for event t-shirts or celebratory t-shirts such as centennial shirts for your department because you can accept apparel pre-orders for a set amount of time. The best part? We sort and bag them separately for you! This allows the entire department to get bulk pricing on the shirt order without someone having to collect sizing, quantity, and money for each person.

Jenks Fire Department 100th anniversary embroidered shirt

Using the Online Portal for Incentives & Bonuses

Looking for a great way to incentivize your department staff? Our online ordering portals for your duty gear can do just that!  Anniversary Incentives? Boots or Jackets make great options! They can check out and we can bill the department for their annual incentive. Want to tell certain staff just how much you appreciate their work? Or show staff you care during a hard time with lots of overtime? Using our online ordering portal for incentives and bonuses is a no-brainer! Give your department staff something they can use on the job.  After all, we know they always need new pants if all else fails!  We can even add approved accessories like socks, knives, pins, flashlights and more to your store for additional options to shop from.

Setting Up Your Portal

American Tees proudly offers free online ordering portals to departments that can guarantee a minimum ordered amount of $10,000 annually. If your department isn’t able to commit to that yearly minimum, we can still happily and easily set up your online ordering portal for a payment of $250 which would be applied towards your first online order.

Are you ready to take the responsibility of ordering uniforms and gear off your plate and let your American Tees online ordering portal do the work for you? Pictured below is an example of what your online ordering portal could look like. We can easily set up your online ordering portal! We’re always here if you have any questions, so don’t hesitate to call us, send an email, or come by the store!

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