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Have you ever ordered embroidered apparel and wondered why the design looked different on the garment than it did in the designing process on a computer? You were probably expecting it to come out exactly how it was on that computer screen, but several details play a role in how the design turns out on the actual fabric. The thickness, weight, weave and content of the fabric will all affect how the stitches uphold next to each other.


The type of fabric being used for an embroidery design can make a big difference in the outcome of the appearance. You can use a number of different fabrics for embroidery including twill, poly denier nylon, rayon, soft pima cotton, polar fleece, polyester, terry cloth and so much more.

Stronger fabrics such as caps, canvas, duffels, and most outerwear, naturally look better with embroidery. The stitch counts are typically lower on these fabrics since they don’t require as many underlay stitches to stabilize the design. 

Soft, thinner or flimsy fabrics, like polyester, rayon and silk, will require a different approach because more underlay stitches will be needed to maintain the integrity of the design. 

Sweatshirts, hoodies, and bath towels, also known as high pile fabrics, are thicker fabrics which hide the small detail of an embroidery design. These fabrics are modified using Solvy topping to improve the look of the embroidery design.


A brand new, sharp needle will create a slightly different look than a needle that’s created multiple designs and may be close to needing to be changed. We do change our needles regularly as needed, but a needle that’s created even just a day’s worth of designs can create a different look than a needle that’s just been taken out of the package.


Our embroidery machines have multiple heads. Machine heads are stations on an embroidery machine, and each station is only able to embroider one garment at a time. 

Do you have a favorite recipe you like to make regularly? If so, each time you make that recipe it probably turns out slightly different even though you follow the same recipe each time. Maybe your measurements differ just a bit which changes the outcome. Similarly, each head on an embroidery machine is slightly different which will cause the design to be slightly different on each garment.

Digital Renderings vs Sample Sew Outs

American Tees provides you with a digital rendering so you can see what your design will look like once it’s embroidered. However, keep in mind that it will vary slightly once it’s actually embroidered on your fabric of choice. We do offer a physical sew out, a sample piece of fabric with your embroidered design, if you prefer to receive one prior to your garment being embroidered simply let our team know!

Top Reasons to Use American Tees for your Embroidered Apparel

American Tees provides embroidered apparel to you with zero minimums and top notch quality. We do our best to only sell what we would be proud to wear when it comes to the quality of stitching.  Contact our team today to get an embroidered apparel quote for business polos, jackets, embroidered caps and more.

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