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What Are Industry Standard Placements for Logo/Name Locations?

Are you at the point of flipping a coin to see which side of the shirt to put your embroidered or printed logo on because making that decision on your own is proving to be difficult? We get it, logo placement is important, but don’t fret! American Tees is here to help you figure out where to place your embroidered or printed logo in order to make the best impression.

Manufacturer Requirements

Your first step in choosing where to put your logo should be checking the manufacturer’s requirements and restrictions for logo placements. Requirements and what logos can be provided will vary with different brands. A quote specific to your needs may be necessary if your preferred logo placement choice is different from what’s usually available.

Button-Down Shirt Logos

Embroidered button-down shirts create a perfectly polished look for most workplaces and a variety of employee positions. A company logo is a simple addition that makes a big impact on the look of the embroidered or printed shirt. There are a few different options for logo placement on embroidered work shirts including embroidering the front of the collar, embroidering the chest of the shirt on either side, or embroidering or printing on the shirt pocket. Sleeve logos are another option for added visibility to enhance your logo placement for your desired marketing potential.

Logos on Polo Shirts

Polo shirts, while slightly relaxed, are ideal work attire for men and women in a business casual setting. A clean, crisp embroidered logo enhances this work uniform shirt. Logo placement options for custom embroidered work polo shirts include across the front of either sleeve, just above the band or the sleeve, or the chest on the left or right of the front of the shirt. Another location for the embroidered or printed logo is the back of the shirt. Logos placed just below the collar on the back of the shirt create a professional look. 

Options for Sweatshirts

Do you have employees who don’t necessarily need to maintain a professional look at work daily? Maybe they make deliveries or work in a warehouse where they don’t interact with customers regularly. Embroidered or printed sweatshirts are a staple piece for these employees, especially if they’re working in colder weather or a chilly environment. A logo is a simple way to give these important pieces a professional touch! Sweatshirts have versatility when it comes to logo placement. Whether you choose to put the logo on the front just below the collar on the left or right of the shirt, on the top back, or on the upper sleeves, you can’t go wrong!

Work Jackets

Another essential workwear item for your employees is an embroidered jacket. Jackets with an embroidered logo ensure potential customers are still seeing your company’s name when an employee’s shirt is covered. Most jacket styles allow you to place the embroidered or printed logo on the front right or left, the upper back, or the upper sleeve of either side. Some jackets even have the option to put the embroidered logo on the cuffs or in various locations on the back, such as the upper or lower back or on the collar.

Keep It Casual

T-shirts are widely used in more casual, laid back work environments. There’s a much wider range of options for printed logo placement on t-shirts. Logos can be placed on the front or back of a shirt. If you’re using a small logo, it can even be printed on or above pockets and on the edge of shirt cuffs. While a centered logo is the most traditional choice, a slanted or off-centered logo can also be used to change up the style.

Professionally Accessorized

Enhance the look of uniform accessories by adding a logo to them. Caps and tote bags are some examples of accessories that can have an embroidered or printed logo added to them and they’re used by employees daily. Logos on hats look best when they’re centered on the front of the hat, but they can be added in numerous locations to include the side, the back and the adjustable loop. Bags that also have a front and centered logo placement allow the best visibility of the embroidered or printed logo and look more appealing.

Precise Positioning Every Time

Choosing the best location for your embroidered or printed logo is an important decision because it makes a big impact. You want to convey the most professional look possible to make a good impression on potential customers or business partners. American Tees can help you choose the right shirt to put your embroidered or printed logo on as well as where the logo should be placed. Something we like to keep in mind when placing logos is that the name tag is best worn on the right of your body. Wondering why that is? Well, as you reach out to shake someone’s hand when you’re first introduced, it’s your right hand that’s extended to the other person therefore causing them to see the right side of your shirt. It just makes sense!
If you have any other embroidered or printed logo placement questions or want to get started with putting logos on your uniforms, contact us today! We’re ready to serve you!

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