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What are industry standard design sizes?

Let’s talk about the standard design sizes when it comes to general logos and designs on apparel.

Above you can see our typical sizes we print our designs in. Standard front designs will typically run 10-12″ wide and proportionately tall, typically square or close to it, but the great thing about what we do is that it is an art form and EVERY shirt design is completely different. So we typically size the design to the biggest measurement. So if you are wanting more of an oversized design OR if you are ordering a wide range of sizes that we need to incorporate, we will size the design with the largest measurement to the smallest shirt. For instance, if you have a shorter design, we will go as wide as we can with the design on the smallest item. But if you have tall design, we will size the design as tall as we can on the smallest item in your order.

If you have questions, never hesitate to ask! We are a CUSTOM print shop, so as much as we try to put it in a box, we have to think outside the box most days!

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