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Top 5 Tips for T-shirt Marketing Success

Giving away screen printed t-shirts to market your business can be a creative and effective way to increase brand awareness and engage with your target audience. Who doesn’t love a free screen printed t-shirt, right? But you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on marketing supplies without implementing strategy to ensure marketing success! Keep reading to learn five helpful tips for a successful t-shirt marketing campaign so your business can benefit the most from giving away screen printed tees to promote your brand! 

Define Your Target Audience

Prior to designing or distributing screen printed t-shirts, it’s important to narrow down your target audience to ensure marketing success. Demographics, interests, and preferences are all factors you will need to consider to ensure you create t-shirt designs that connect with your audience and increase the chance of them wearing your brand. 

Define your target audience.

Make ‘Em Do a Double Take

You will want to create a t-shirt design that is eye-catching. This doesn’t necessarily mean a loud design. It all comes back to knowing your target audience. You need to know what design will get their attention while still aligning with your brand’s identity. If your target audience is younger, you may want to go with a bright, bold design while you may want to use a quiet, subtle design for older customers. A well-designed t-shirt is likely to be worn repeatedly. This will increase your brand awareness, so make it memorable and easily recognizable! 

Quality, not quantity

Remember this old saying? Typically you hear it when talking about friends, but it absolutely applies to your t-shirt marketing! Finding a high quantity of shirts at a cheap price is possible, but you’ll likely find them in poor condition after very little wear. That is NOT how you want anyone to remember your brand! You don’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to t-shirts. People are more likely to wear tees that are soft but durable and have a comfortable fit. A high quality t-shirt will properly demonstrate your brand’s image while encouraging people to wear them more often. The last thing you want to spend your marketing dollars on is a tee shirt that will land in the back of the closet or be used as a rag.

Strategic Distribution

How, when, and where are important details to consider when it comes to distributing your t-shirts. What events, festivals, or other gatherings would you find your target audience hanging out at? These are the places you want to be present at to distribute your tees. Social media is another place to distribute them through contests, giveaways, or promotions. You can reach an even larger number of the people in your t-shirt marketing campaign target audience at once through social media platforms! It’s crucial to get your t-shirts in the hands of people who will wear them proudly and help you achieve marketing success! 

UGC, Baby

User-generated content

In case you’re wondering what that means, it stands for User-Generated Content. You may have heard of this through social media by now. If you haven’t, here’s why it’s a good thing for your business! UGC is content created by users of a platform, think Instagram or TikTok. User-Generated Content showcases your brand and continuously builds content for you while you’re doing other important business tasks. You would simply request and encourage your t-shirt recipients to share pictures of themselves wearing your t-shirt on social media accompanied by a specific hashtag related to your brand, which would ultimately spread awareness of your brand organically. You can always include some sort of incentive through a contest or giveaway for individuals who share their photo. 

Bonus Tip: Track the results of your marketing efforts so you can accurately measure your marketing success. Monitoring your website traffic, social media engagement, and sales will be important data to have so you can refine your strategy in the future. Column Five Media lays out the details of tracking your marketing success in this blog post!

The Best Marketing Option

That’s it for our top five helpful tips for successful t-shirt marketing campaign. Now, let’s briefly cover why it’s the wisest marketing choice available today. The benefits of a t-shirt marketing campaign outweigh the benefits of marketing through billboards, tv ads, or newspaper and magazine ads simply due to the low cost and longevity. 

Ads, whether digital or physical, have to frequently be renewed, changed out, or recycled meaning you have to spend more on advertising on a regular basis. Compare that with the one-time cost of t-shirts that people can wear and tend to keep on hand for YEARS to be worn over and over and eventually given to someone else to wear, all of which continues to spread brand awareness for your business. This is another reason why your t-shirt quality matters!  

Not everyone watches tv or has social media, but people can’t help what draws their attention in everyday life. That means a person wearing your branded t-shirt moving around in a public place can easily catch the eyes of an unlimited number of people daily. This is even more true if you strategically create your design.

Start Your Successful T-shirt Marketing Campaign NOW!

Now you know why t-shirt marketing is the best marketing option available today and the advantages of it. You may be wondering how to get a successful t-shirt marketing campaign started in a hassle-free way and at an affordable cost. Look no further- American Tees located in Glenpool, Oklahoma is your best choice for a successful t-shirt marketing campaign!

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American Tees has over two decades of screen printing experience and offers affordable costs to small business owners. As a small business, we get how important it is to save time and money while still purchasing high-quality products to make a lasting impression for your brand. We offer free online stores for you to sell your screen printed t-shirts and other merchandise. Let us help you achieve the marketing success you’re dreaming of! You simply give us the details and we set up your store, create your apparel, then sort and ship your order for you. Contact us today with any questions you may have, or get started now! We look forward to working with you to increase your brand awareness and secure customer loyalty for your business through your successful screen printed t-shirt marketing campaign! 

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