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Looking to find just the right tee for your next event or work shirt? This guide will help you find the brands and blends that will work best for you and your crew. Still not sure? Give us a call or stop by to let us help you find the best shirt for your style, fit, color and budget!

When our clients ask us for the “best t-shirt” that can prove to be a bit difficult to answer! We typically will follow that up with, “Well, what do you find great about your most favorite tee you own?” For some it is thickness of the fabric- proving to them that it is a sturdy, strong tee. For others, they prefer lightweight, breathable tees and find the thicker tees to be “cheap” or lacking in quality. Some prefer blends, while others prefer 100% cotton or 100% Polyester. Some prefer more fitted fit, while others prefer a more relaxed fit. The question that comes to play next is typically, “Is this shirt true to size?” Boy is that another hard question to answer. For a customer, their true to size may be different than my true to size or the next person’s “true to size” depending on the brands and styles of shirts we typically base our judgement off of. We try to help navigate the brands they are used to wearing to help guide customers into finding just the right answer to their questions, but a lot of times, you just don’t know for certain until you have washed, worn and loved (or hated) a shirt for yourself!