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Six Reasons you need to start an online company store

Having a business can be extremely tough in this current climate. Thankfully we here at American Ts have figured out a way to help by providing employees with quality apparel. All of this can be easily achieved by starting an online store with embellished apparel and products that have your company logo on them! To intrigue you even more, we come up with six reasons why your company should have an online store.   

Raise Company Morale

One of the first benefits of having an online store is that it will create a sense of unity within your company. In turn this will raise your employee’s morale exponentially. By having everyone wear your company banded apparel this leaves no room for error within the dress code and won’t leave other employees feeling left out. This helps everyone focus on their work instead of how they look! You can guarantee that your employees will come into work looking professional while creating a unified front for the customers that walk through the door. Creating this type of atmosphere will not only have your employees feeling comfortable but also give them a feeling of belonging with their peers. 

Fresh Apparel Year Round

If you are worried that your apparel will get old, don’t worry! You can change what products you offer on your store whenever you would like. If you see a new trend within professional wear that you would like to offer to your employees just let us know and we will get your website looking fresh consistently.We offer endless products and apparel items through our plethora of suppliers. That way you can continue to showcase new items on your site. This will keep workers coming back to your site frequently to check and see if there are any new apparel or embellished products. If your employees are rough on their clothes because they work outside, or have an industry job with harsh conditions your online store will be right there for them whenever they need to receive new clothes. We of course are always here to help you choose items that will go over well and will make sure they are showcased properly on your website.

Promote Your Brand

Not only can your employees wear your apparel, but so can your customers! You can advertise your store link outside of your company and offer products with your logo to those who wish to support your brand. Having people wear your custom apparel around the community will raise your brand awareness and get people asking about your business. If your designs on your apparel or products are within current trends you will definitely be getting people to wear and use your embellished items everywhere. Having this available to your customers will also create more supporters of your brand. Online stores are a free and easy option that you can fit into your marketing strategy that will greatly expand outside the reaches of social media. 

Special Event Apparel

If your company is going to be celebrating an anniversary or any other sort of special event, we can create an online store specifically for that. An anniversary shirt with the mark of how many years you have been in business will show others just how many years of experience you have, while also letting them know you are celebrating a great achievement. If the special event is raising money for a certain cause or charity,You can also choose to make your store a fundraiser and market the store as such. This is also a great way to reach out into your community even more. If your company is offering a sale that will be bringing in a lot of people or that you want to bring people in for, wearing apparel for that sale is a great way to market it! Your customers will see it and want to know more about it, and in turn will tell others about the sale as well. 

Employee Incentives

Looking for a way to get your employees performing at top quality? Offering gift cards or percentages off of your online store when they accomplish something good is a perfect way to incentivise your employees. If your company works off of sales, then offering free company branded apparel as a prize for the employee with the highest sales will get your employees working harder for your company! Online store gift cards are also a good gift to give out if your company participates in having an employee of the month. They are even great for giving out at any sort of holiday party you throw for your employees! 

We Do All The Work

One of the best advantages about having an online store is that we do all of the work for you! We create the store for you, embellish the apparel and products, all free of charge to you and your company. All of the orders places will be sorted and shipped out by us or your employees can choose to come and pick up at our location. Your only job is to approve the artwork and your website when it is all said and done. When your site is posted, you will be given admin information to login on your site whenever you want to check on sales and see how many orders have been placed. If you decide to make your site into a fundraiser, your login will also give you access to view your commission. Commissions will be given to you via check once your store closes or if your site is an ongoing store, commissions will be given quarterly.

Hopefully these six reasons have given you a spark into starting your own online employee merch store with us here at American Ts. If you would like to get more information on how to start your store click the button below and fill out the form fully and we will get back with you and answer any questions you may have! 

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