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It’s currently September and you know what that means…Homecoming is upon us! We can’t believe it’s already that time either. You may be feeling a lot of stress about it if you’re the one responsible for creating homecoming t-shirt designs and collecting the orders along with the payment from students and parents in your school. The traditional order form that’s been used for years is now a thing of the past. Yes, that means you can breathe and relax now! American Tees is here to explain why selling your homecoming t-shirts online through one of our stores is the easiest, most stress-free way to get homecoming t-shirts from now on!


Using an order form limits your selling abilities in many ways. Plus, order forms tend to be a hassle to keep up with. One person is usually responsible for accurately inputting order details for each person. They also tend to be responsible for collecting and keeping up with the payment for each order. Selling homecoming t-shirts online offers multiple benefits to everyone involved whether you’re selling or buying.

Get rid of traditional order forms

When you choose to set up an online store to sell homecoming t-shirts, you completely remove the not-so-fun parts of using a traditional order form. Selling through an online store eliminates the responsibility from one person’s shoulders and places that responsibility on each individual who’s placing an order for themselves. It’s up to the buyer to input the correct sizes and quantities when they’re placing an order through an online store. Selling homecoming t-shirts online also allows buyers to have more freedom. So, ditch the traditional order forms and set up a free online store for your homecoming tees!

Reach More People

Selling homecoming t-shirts through an online store allows your school to reach a larger audience. This increases your potential to make more sales. That’s because people can easily access your online store from anywhere in the world. It’s convenient for people to be able to shop from anywhere they choose at any time of day.

automated processes

Online platforms have automated processes, making things easier and lessening the administrative burden on organizers. Processing payments, emailing order confirmations, and sending tracking information once the order is completed and shipped out are usually part of the automated processes.


Using an online system to sell homecoming t-shirts tends to help reduce or even eliminate errors in the ordering process. Customers are able to choose sizes and quantities accurately. Additionally, there’s no guess work in trying to read someone’s handwriting like there is on a traditional order form. Fewer errors means a much smoother and stress-free process for everyone!

Various Payment Options

Online platforms tend to offer multiple payment options which makes it easier for buyers to complete their transactions. Enabling customers to use their preferred payment method can increase sales.


Selling your school’s homecoming t-shirts through an online store will open up a whole new world of marketing opportunities. You’ll also have the potential to increase your sales. Social media platforms, email campaigns, and targeted ads are a few marketing tools that will be available to you. You can use these tools to spread the word about your school’s online store. You’ll be able to easily promote your homecoming t-shirt campaign to a larger audience.


Choosing to sell your school’s homecoming t-shirts through an online store is usually more cost-effective than using traditional order forms. The cost of printing order forms can really add up, especially if you have to print several. You also have the cost of your valuable time to distribute the order forms. When you sell through an online store, you can spend your valuable time creating memorable homecoming t-shirt designs instead.

Selling through an online store eliminates order form printing costs. The online platform has one order form for every customer to use. This eliminates the need to print or distribute the order forms. While we can’t speak for other businesses, American Tees is proud to offer the set up of a free online store for you!


Get ready to take back your time and relieve yourself of the responsibilities that come with traditional order forms! Let’s get your FREE online store set up so the homecoming t-shirt orders can start rolling in. Sit back, relax, and let us do all the work for you! You’ll finally get to experience and enjoy the benefits that come with utilizing an online store for your selling needs.

Start selling your school's homecoming t-shirts online today.

Whether you need help creating a homecoming t-shirt design or you already have it made, American Tees is here to help. You just give us the details and we’ll set up your free homecoming t-shirt online store, hassle-free! Once your orders are closed we’ll create your screen printed t-shirts and let you know when your orders are ready to go! It really is that easy!

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