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Scrubs for Your Staff at an Unbeatable Price

Having uniformed scrubs for your office is an important aspect of the overal look and feel of your company when customers walk in. We are here to help make uniforming your office as easy as possible.

Our Brands

We are happy to offer the following brands:

Healing Hands



META Labwear

Red Kap


Cherokee Medical Uniforms

Grey’s Anatomy










Bulwark Protection



Creating a company uniform that’s built to last

Every person you talk to has their favorite brand of scrubs, just like any person has their favorite brand of shirt, cap etc. It is important to us that we only sell the finest scrubs so that you can feel confident in your choice for your office. We know you can’t please everyone buying scrubs for the office, but we do know you can buy scrubs made to work with your staff.

branding your scrubs

Embroidered scrubs add an additional value to your employees. They feel like they belong to something while adding uniformity to your crew. Embroidered scrubs give your patients and clients a sense of confidence when they see that everyone is uniform. It gives your office a feeling of unity and professionalism that only matching scrubs with an embroidered logo can do. It is your job to get your office members working together as a team for the good of your client, but it is our job to get them looking and feeling their best in their embroidered scrubs while giving your clients the sense of professionalism at the same time. Adding your brand/logo to your scrubs is a must and for most scrubs you can do so in as little as $4 added on to the price of the scrub. Contact our team today to see how we can make your team look and feel their best in your branded, embroidered scrubs.

Online Ordering Portals to make ordering scrubs a breeze

With our zero-cost custom online ordering portals made just for your business, you can’t go wrong when ordering scrubs for your team. Whether you supply the scrubs for free for your staff or they are responsible for purchasing them for themselves. We have the ultimate solution for your embroidered scrubs for your office. Using our online ordering portal, your staff will be able to see a branded website made for your company with only the specific scrub options and colors you would like. Don’t forget to add scrub caps, and also jackets and sweaters to make an even more uniform look for your team in the winter months. You can set up an employee uniform allowance that let’s your staff have a certain dollar amount to be spent on uniforms and we will bill your office directly. Orders are kept separately for each buyer and your office manager will get copies of all orders keeping you in charge of what is being ordered for your company. If this sounds like a no-brainer offer, that is because it is! Contact our staff here at American Tees today to get your store set up at no cost to you! Believe us, you’ll thank your future self later when you have all the free time on your hands to do other things! To get your store going now, click the button below to give us more information on how we can get your store going and we will get to work!