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PRINTING THE Same Designs on Different sizes

When viewing the proofing image of the apparel item with the design on it, it is important to remember that the image is just a picture of a tee and is not to exact sizing. If you would like your design to have a specific width or height dimension, please
let our design staff know during proofing or when placing your order.

When proofing your shirt, you can estimate that the sample shirt you are seeing in the view would be around the following sizes:

  • Unisex/Men’s Apparel – Adult Large
  • Ladies/Juniors Apparel – Medium
  • Youth Apparel- Youth Medium

The design dimensions you see on your proof are going to be the exact same for every item in your order. This means that your design may appear smaller on
the extended sizes and larger on the youth and smaller sizes. The design dimensions that are shown on this product will be the same for every item in your
order, even though, in reality the size is the exact same size on all items.

We will size your design to fit on the maximum width of the smallest shirt if you are ordering smaller youth sizes. See the example below!

The same applies to any of our products including, and especially, hoodies. Hoodies have a pocket on the front that will require us to make the image smaller on the youth sizes than we would normally need to on an average tee. Typically a Youth Small hoodie only has about 6″ in height available for a design.

So, what if I want to print a different size design on my youth apparel than my adult sized apparel?

We are happy to provide you a quote to print a different size design on the smaller apparel, we do want to let you know that this would be considered a
completely different design and would not count toward your quantity pricing breaks and would be considered a different order completely. However, most
designs we produce have the same exact design on all size garments when possible! Now, if you plan to order several infant or toddler sizes, we would
definitely suggest to split your order into two designs for the best look possible, but for general youth and adult designs, typically the same size design works
just fine!

If you would like to see our standard placement and size designs-
please check out the following blog posts!


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