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We here at American Tees wouldn’t be able to do half of what we do without this incredible team. Take a minute to scroll through here and get to know us even more!

Cheryl Fulbright

Operations, Accounting, and anything else….

Began working at American Tees: 2001

Cheryl and her husband Randy, opened American Tees all the way back in 2001. Currently Cheryl handles all of the accounting and payroll. With her love for embroidery and his for screen printing, their company has been running strong ever since.

Email me: accounting@americantees.shop

Crystal Mccawley

Director of Sales & Marketing

Began working at American Tees: 2004

Crystal began working at the age of fourteen and has grown up in this company. From starting out with screen printing, vinyl, and embroidery, Crystal has had experience in every area here at American Tees. In her spare time when she is not here, she enjoys spending time with her family and baking.

Email me: crystal@americantees.shop

Chelsea Chaney

Client Services Manager

Began working at American Tees: 2021

Email me: chelsea@americantees.shop

Trenton Legrand

Production Manager

Began working at American Tees: 2020

Email me: trent@americantees.shop

Laura Muskrat

Graphic Specialist

Began working at American Tees: 2014

Laura’s loved working here at American Tees and enjoys creating and managing all of the Online Stores that help fund raise for schools, non-profits, and sports teams. Starting out she was only doing graphic design but has grown so much in her craft since she began in 2014.

Email me: laura@americantees.shop


Client Services

Began working at American Tees: 2022

Email me: orders@americantees.shop

Billy Mccawley

Outside Sales

Began working at American Tees: 2018

Billy handles everything tactical and is our on-foot salesman. He loves being able to connect with Firefighters, EMS, Police, Construction workers, and doctors offices about all of the work wear and tactical gear we offer. He is excited to learn more about all of the scrubs, high vis, and bullet proof vests we offer.

Email me: billy@americantees.shop

Christian Moore


Began working at American Tees: 2021

Christian enjoys working here at American Tees and being able to interact with all of our clients, old and new. He enjoys sorting all of our online stores for customers to help with their fundraising efforts. When Christian isn’t here he enjoys working at his church as a youth pastor.

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