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We here at American Tees wouldn’t be able to do half of what we do without this incredible team. Take a minute to scroll through here and get to know us even better. Our team works together to create the best screen printing and embroidery services possible in the Tulsa area as well as throughout the United States. We ship throughout the United States.

While Screen Printing and embroidery can be quite the labor intensive trades. Our team works so well together, and it shows. We each play a crucial part in the company to ensure our clients are handled with respect and their orders are in amazing quality and we get the screen printing and embroidery orders out on time and ready to be shown off!

Cheryl Fulbright

Operations, Accounting, and anything else….

Began working at American Tees: 2001

Cheryl and her husband Randy, opened American Tees all the way back in 2001. Currently Cheryl handles all of the accounting and payroll. With her love for embroidery and his for screen printing, their company has been running strong ever since.

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Crystal Mccawley

Director of Sales & Marketing

Began working at American Tees: 2004

Crystal began working at the age of fourteen and has grown up in this company. From starting out with screen printing, vinyl, and embroidery, Crystal has had experience in every area here at American Tees. In her spare time when she is not here, she enjoys spending time with her family and baking.

Crystal is responsible for the marketing team here at American Tees when she isn’t helping to keep the company going and moving forward.

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Trenton Legrand

Production Manager

Began working at American Tees: 2020

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Screen Printing and Embroidery Production Manager

Laura Muskrat

Graphic Specialist

Began working at American Tees: 2014

Laura’s loved working here at American Tees and enjoys creating and managing all of the Online Stores that help fund raise for schools, non-profits, and sports teams. Starting out she was only doing graphic design but has grown so much in her craft since she began in 2014.

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Client Services

Began working at American Tees: 2022

When you call American Tees, you will hear one of the most pleasant and kind voices you have ever heard! We love Bethany because she cares for our clients deeply. When you call for a quote, we know you will not be disappointed when talking to Bethany!

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Screen Printing and Embroidery Client Services

Billy Mccawley

Outside Sales

Began working at American Tees: 2018

Billy handles everything tactical and is our on-foot salesman. He loves being able to connect with Firefighters, EMS, Police, Construction workers, and doctors offices about all of the work wear and tactical gear we offer. He is excited to learn more about all of the scrubs, high vis, and bullet proof vests we offer.

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Nina Gibson

Embroidery Technician

Began working at American Tees: 2022

Nina, very quickly, became the lead technician in our embroidery department because of her desire to help our clients, and her ability to understand the machines and be able to produce amazing quality at a very fast pace.

Nina Gibson Embroidery Tech

Emily Lee

Screen Printer

Began working at American Tees: 2023

Emily is a wonderful asset to our company, her sweet and kind demeanor works will with the intricacies of screen printing. She is fun to work with and a great team player!


Fundraising Specialist

Began working at American Tees: 2023

Kylie is our fundraising specialist. Her job is to ensure our fundraising clients have a successful and profitable store. She also handles our company uniform stores to help companies get screen printed and embroidered apparel fast and easy through their custom online stores.

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Screen Reclaimer- Screen Printer

Emmanuel Watkins

Screen Printer/Screen Reclaimer

Began working at American Tees: 2023

Emmanuel is a delight to have at the shop! He is energetic and very witty! He helps keep the fun alive with his sense of humor and hard work! We enjoy having him on the team!


Screen Printer

Began working at American Tees: 2023

While Guy is newer to the team, he has already proved himself to be a wonderful addition. He has an eye for detail and cares about our clients! His design capabilities and general creativity offer a great help to our team!

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Mirrah Embroidery Technician Assistant

Mirrah Pasanen

Screen Printer/Screen Reclaimer

Began working at American Tees: 2023

Mirrah has been a great addition to our staff bringing our embroidery department speed up even more! She assists with our embroidery department by helping trim, quality control and verifying orders. Mirrah is a delight to have on the team. She works hard and is a fast learner.

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