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Local Fire Department Makes Ordering Duty Gear Easy Through Online Ordering Portal

An online ordering portal for duty gear can offer several benefits to departments of many kinds. American Tees makes ordering duty gear quick and easy. We offer an online ordering portal to departments all across the state of Oklahoma. Jenks Fire Department, located in Jenks, Oklahoma, consistently uses an online ordering portal for their department. They utilize this digital solution to streamline the process of getting necessary equipment and supplies for their firefighters. 

Embroidered shirts for Jenks Fire Department


Jenks Fire Department reaps the benefits of their duty gear online ordering portal in a number of ways. The main use of their duty gear online ordering portal is to order their regular uniforms and accessories. However, they’ve also used it to order embroidered caps and screen printed Christmas t-shirts. They’ve even used their online ordering portal to order embroidered centennial shirts like the one you see pictured on the left.

American Tees created the duty gear online ordering portal with deparments in mind. We wanted to make duty gear ordering easy by eliminating as much stress as possible for people already in stressful jobs. Firefighting can be one of those stressful jobs. Jenks Fire Department doesn’t have to worry about the stress of designating someone to be in charge of collecting and inputting orders correctly. Each employee is individually responsible for inputting the correct sizing, name spelling, and rank. The head of the department can still view who orders through the online ordering portal. They can also see when orders have been completed, but they don’t have to mess with anything else.


American Tees proudly makes duty gear online ordering portals accessible to departments of all sizes. Whether you have 10 employees or 50, you’ll find our online ordering portal beneficial. While a duty gear online ordering portal truly is simple to use, there are some details you’ll need to know prior to starting one.

We provide a FREE online ordering portal to departments that can guarantee a minimum amount ordered of $10,000 annually. If your department isn’t quite ready to commit to that amount yet, that’s okay. We can set up your duty gear online ordering portal for only $250, which will be applied towards your first order.

We can customize your duty gear online ordering portal to fit your department’s needs. Whether you want to add uniforms, event t-shirts, or badges, brass, and insignia, our team can take care of it all for you. You can use your online ordering portal to offer incentives and bonuses to your department staff if you choose. This is an easy way to show your staff how much your appreciate their hard work! Want to give your staff something they can use on the job? We can add incentives like jackets, boots, or pants.


Do you feel like a duty gear online ordering portal would be helpful to your department? If so, we can help! Our online ordering portals are simple to use and make ordering a breeze for all of your staff. Just ask Jenks Fire Department! American Tees truly does all of the work for you. Our team keeps track of orders, details, and payments. We create and sort your orders, then send them through a quality control check. After that’s completed, we ship the orders directly to your staff members unless they opt for local pickup.

If you’re ready to get all the benefits a duty gear online ordering portal has to offer, we’re ready to make it happen. Like Jenks Fire Department, you can make duty gear and accessory ordering easier for your department. Contact us today so our team can help you get started! If you want to learn more, feel free to visit our website.

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