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It’s no secret that caps/hats are growing in popularity amongst both men and women. They’re easy to throw on when you’re short on time, you can wear them with literally any outfit, and they’re comfortable. You can utilize caps to represent your business or for a giveaway to support a cause that’s special to you. But how do you pick the right cap for your needs? We’re here to help with that!


There are two styles of hats to choose from- structured and unstructured. What’s the difference? We’re glad you asked. 

A structured hat maintains its shape constantly due to a stiff piece of fabric, called a buckram, inserted into the front panels. This type of hat allows the design, which could be your business logo, to consistently be displayed even when the hat isn’t being worn. 

An unstructured hat doesn’t have the stiff piece of fabric to help maintain its shape. The only structure it has is the bill of the hat. This means that when an unstructured hat isn’t being worn it may not keep its shape, which may make it hard to see the design on the hat when it isn’t in use. 

Both structured and unstructured hats are available in mesh back, vented back, wool, and poly-cotton blend.


Now that we’ve covered styles of hats, let’s go over the next important detail- hat closures. You can choose from adjustable and non-adjustable hats. 

If you want to be able to adjust your hat, you’ll want to go with a snapback, hook and loop, or a strapback. The snapback and hook and loop closures are also more ideal for children because they’re easier to adjust than the strapback. For non-adjustable hats, you have the option of a fitted hat or stretch to fit hat. You’ll want to measure your head with a tape measure to find out exactly what size fitted hat you’ll need.




Choosing the hat for your needs

Everyone loves hats! So, whether you’re selling hats or giving them away, you want to pick a hat that will be worn often! The perfect hat to sell or use for a giveaway is a hat that’s not sized, which makes the best choice a hook and loop or a stretch to fit so anyone can wear them.

The most popular hat is the structured, mesh back Richardson 112 Snapback. Some competitive brands that are similar to that hat are the C112 and the lower-priced 104C.

Although American Tees doesn’t have a minimum order requirement on hats, our vendors do. The quantity breaks are 12, 24, 48, 72, 144, and 288. It is possible to order less than 12 if you wish to do so, but an under minimum fee will apply. You can request a quote through our website under “embroidered apparel” at any time. Please reach out to our Client Services team to discuss any questions you may have.

A Cap for Every One- Using Caps to Market Your Brand

People love free stuff and it makes them feel valued. Cap giveaways are the perfect way to use your marketing dollars. Many people wear caps daily. If they don’t wear them, they might collect them so they’re regularly on display for others to see either way.

There’s no limit to who can use caps to their advantage. Many companies and organizations use caps to advertise by selling them or giving them away to clients. Whether you own a farm/ranch, run a construction or HVAC company, operate a local coffee shop, or you’re involved in a church, caps are the best way to spread the word about your business or cause. Business owners can even gift caps to employees once they’ve reached a milestone in their career, or you can set up an online store for employees to purchase from and allow them to wear their caps at work on certain days as an employee incentive. American Tees would be happy to help you choose the right cap for your needs, create your custom design, and even set up an online store if that’s something you want to do! Ready to get started? 

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