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How to increase Your Online T-shirt Store Sales

If you’ve found yourself searching “How do I increase sales for my online t-shirt store?”, you’re probably worried your t-shirt campaign won’t go as well as you’re hoping. Planning for, preparing and launching an online store can take a lot of time and effort (unless you set one up with American Tees, then we do all the work for you 😉), so a failing campaign is the last thing anyone wants to see after all of their hard work! Follow the tips in this post to increase your online t-shirt store sales and have a successful campaign!


There are a few different factors that play a part in having a successful campaign. As a seller, your number one priority should be creating a strategic plan for promoting your online t-shirt campaign to your community. You can utilize both online and offline options to promote your campaign. An online platform will reach more people in a shorter amount of time, therefore potentially increasing your online t-shirt store sales and leading to a successful campaign. 

It’s vital to evaluate which platforms are most important to your audience. Which social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, contains your largest and most engaged audience? Your primary promoting focus should be on those platforms to increase your sales. You can still promote your campaign in places with a smaller or less engaged audience, but don’t spend too much of your time and efforts there. 

Schedule your promotion content

Once you’ve determined which platforms you’ll promote your campaign on, it’s time to plan out your promotion schedule. We highly recommend spacing out your posts every few days. Posting daily will cause your audience to lose interest and potentially become annoyed by your campaign instead of participating in it- which you definitely don’t want! 

Here’s an example of a promotion schedule you can follow for your next campaign:

  • Ready to Launch : Use your best photos to make a post on the day you launch to introduce your campaign and explain the products you’re offering. 
  • Day 3: Highlight a favorite shirt style, color, or seasonal benefit of your available products.
  • Day 6: Give your audience a glimpse into the making of your t-shirt design or share an update on your campaign status if you have a sales goal you’re trying to reach that your audience is interested in.  
  • 2 Days Remaining: Remind your audience that time is running out for them to get their shirt and share how close you are to hitting your campaign goals! People love to help others meet their goals, even more so when it’s something they care about.
  • Final Call: The last day of the campaign is often the largest sales day, so make the most of it! Make it clear that this is the last day to get a shirt if you don’t plan to relaunch your campaign at a later time. 

create a sense of community

Your family, friends, and existing donors should be the first ones to know about your campaign. They’ll likely be the first ones to purchase your products and spread awareness about your campaign to their community from the start. Invite them to be involved behind the scenes of your campaign by getting their input on possible designs and asking them to vote for their favorite of your potential shirt color choices you’ll sell. They can help you figure out which designs + shirt color combos are the most appealing so you can gauge how well the design will sell before launching your t-shirt campaign. A well designed tee is a key factor to increasing your sales!

Create a Sense of Community to Increase Sales

share your story

Connect with your audience by sharing your story on your social media platforms about why you started your campaign and why it’s important to you. Telling your story will move your audience to support your cause through purchasing your product or sharing your campaign with their community. Explain what their support will mean to you. You can also add details about your goals and what the profits of your campaign will be used for.

create compelling visuals

Create Compelling Visuals to Increase Sales in Your Online T-shirt Store

High quality, visually appealing designs are more likely to catch the eye of your target audience and increase sales for your online t-shirt store. Prior to launching your campaign, we highly recommend ordering a few of your shirts to create enticing promotional images to use for your campaign. Capturing a few different fun and exciting styles of photos is a good way to ensure your audience doesn’t end up scrolling past your campaign!

structure well written posts

Immediately grab the attention of your audience by writing a captivating introduction the day you launch your t-shirt campaign. Include information about what cause you’re supporting with the proceeds from your online t-shirt store sales. Add phrases such as “Available for a limited time only!” and “Don’t miss out!” to emphasize the short-term nature of your campaign. 

Ensure your audience stays engaged by varying the content in each of your posts. Help your potential supporters feel like they have an active role in your campaign’s progress by asking them to repost and share the campaign on their own social media profiles. Regardless of where you post about your campaign, ALWAYS include a picture of the shirt and clearly place a link in every post for your audience to easily access your campaign. An easily accessible link can potentially lead to a purchase to support your cause, therefore increasing your sales! 

Many people and organizations of all sorts have hosted successful campaigns with American Tees. Schools, sports teams, departments, and small business owners are among the long list of online stores we’ve created to raise funds for important causes. Like them, you can increase sales and have a successful campaign with promotional strategies unique to your cause by following the tips in this post. We’re always here and ready to help you meet your campaign goals!

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