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Get your brand known and your employees clothed

Having your employees wear or have products with your logo gives you a ton of brand awareness. This will bring in more business and revenue for you to expand your company even more!

Create an Online Store

Having an online store for your employees gives them easy access to order and buy items as they please. You can open it for a short time or leave it open year round with limited staple items for new or old employees to purchase.

Browse Products

Not sure what products to go with when it comes to screen printing, embroidering, or transferring your logo? Check out our product data base to show you all your options!

6 Reasons to have your Employee Merch Online

Check out our blog post to see why its important for your growing company to implement an online store to continue to grow even bigger.

American Tees went above and beyond during the design process and set up of the on-line store. From the owner to each of the employees, Outstanding in every way !

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