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*Amazing Embroidery Quality

*Fast Turn Around Time on Embroidered Apparel

*No Embroidery Minimums


If you are looking to build your company brand and create lasting embroidered uniforms. American Tees will be the perfect company to achieve the quality and price you are looking for. Our embroidery staff in the Tulsa area is ready to take on your logo for embroidered apparel like embroidered caps, embroidered polos and jackets, embroidered bags and more. Contact us today to get started! Take 15% off your first order just for trying us out by using code NEW15 if you have never placed an order with us before! We can’t wait to show off our embroidery quality and our amazing customer service. Are you looking to create a new logo for embroidered apparel, but don’t know where to start? Our graphics team is skilled at creating company logos that will embroider well on polos and caps. Plus we don’t charge for graphics with your order!

How does pricing work?

Here’s how we price embroidery orders here at American Tees. We do offer supplied garment embroidery pricing. This pricing is based on stitch count but for a left or right chest embroidery design. We start out at $12.50 for the first item. As you order more of the same design and thread colors, we continue to discount the embroidery cost per item.

We also offer thousands of different options for embroidered polos, embroidered jackets, embroidered bags, and embroidered caps. With these items we give extra discounts on the embroidery just for using our apparel! Plus we warranty our embroidery and products we offer- so if we mess up the item when embroidering your logo, we will re-order the item at no cost to you to re-embroider the item. So you get better pricing, more options, and have an easier frame of mind, knowing that if we do make a mistake, we can re-order the garments to fix it!