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Embroidery Digitizing benefits

Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting artwork into a digital design file. It’s converted so an embroidery machine can comprehend and stitch onto fabric. You can create the digital file using specialized embroidery digitizing software. The design is transformed into a series of commands. The commands control how the embroidery machine’s needle moves, where stitches should be placed, and which colors to use. This is where the real learning curve comes in. It’s vital to accurately choose the stitch type, settings, and directions (no pressure!). 

Embroidery digitizing is beneficial to people in different ways. You can benefit from digitizing your artwork whether you’re needing new company uniforms, personalized gifts, team spirit wear, promotional products, or advertising on products.


You’ll probably be happy to learn that just about anything is digitizable. You can turn your company’s logo, an image from Google, or your child’s artwork into a digital file using embroidery digitizing software. Digitizing gives you creative control over your final product. You can alter sizes, colors, and other details of your design prior to stitching. 

There are still some limitations to consider since we’re dealing with thread and fabric instead of something more fluid like printer ink. You wouldn’t be able to successfully digitize the Mona Lisa onto a small patch and produce the same level of detail.  Typically, the smaller your design is, the less detail it can have. It’s important to adjust your artwork accordingly prior to digitizing your files.

Accuracy + Precision

Using an embroidery digitizing software to turn your artwork into a digital file ensures that it’s accurately translated into stitches for machine embroidery. The stitch type, density, and underlay are all considered when digitizing a design. These factors help achieve the desired look and prevent puckering or distortion of the fabric. 

Check out the accuracy and precision of this embroidered hat from American Tees!


Digitizing ensures consistency across multiple items. After digitizing, you can replicate a design across various garments or fabrics with the same level of accuracy and detail. Consistency across multiple pieces of apparel is extremely important when it comes to things like work uniforms, team spirit wear, and promotional items. Digitizing is a cost-effective way to guarantee high-quality, consistent results across all of your items when producing items in bulk. 

Quicker Turnaround Time

An added benefit of digitizing is that it allows you to offer a quicker turnaround time. The embroidery process goes much faster regardless of which design or fabric you choose to use,. This allows you to take care of multiple orders at once without compromising on quality. 

Top Notch Quality

Digitizing often results in your embroidered design looking more professional because the software optimizes stitch placement and density. Your final product will look stunning and be durable, so you won’t have to worry about unraveling. 

Just Digitize It!

It’s important to have someone who has taken the time to fully learn the concept of digitizing. Someone with digitizing experience will allow you to fully reap the benefits of digitizing. Digitizing does not require you to be artistic. However, it does require you to learn all of the ins and outs of the digitizing process. 

Your digitizer should know about underlay stitches, the three basic embroidery stitch types, push and pull compensation, and density.  American Tees has the digitizing experience and expertise you’re looking for. We’re able to produce top notch products for your company, school, department, or non-profit organization. You can see some of the products we’ve created below! If you’re ready to “Just Do It” like Nike (who also digitizes their logo 😉), we’re ready to help! Contact us to begin today!

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