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Are you a choir director or a member of a school, church, or show choir? Are you searching for easy choir fundraising ideas for your choir group? Maybe you have a trip to take, uniforms to purchase, or equipment needs updated. Here are some things you may be asking yourself in regards to your next choir group fundraiser:

  • What kind of choir fundraiser will raise the most money?
  • What’s the easiest fundraiser to do?
  • What type of fundraiser will have little upfront cost?

    If you find yourself searching for answers to the questions above, American Tees is here to help. Most choir groups have tried common fundraisers such as selling cookie dough, singing telegrams, benefit concerts, or a local business night. While those are all great choir fundraising ideas, they can be time consuming and even stressful to some extent. It can take a lot of time and effort to set up a benefit concert or local business night. Singing telegrams require finding days where multiple choir members can perform at the same time for the recipients of the telegrams. Not to mention keeping track of order forms and payments….whew! Do you feel the stress building up at just the thought of the responsibilities that come with these fundraising options? Fortunately, American Tees has a STRESS-FREE, easy online fundraising solution for your next choir fundraiser!

    take it easy!

    No, really! You can rest assured things will be easy when you use the Easiest Fundraiser Ever at American Tees for your next choir fundraiser. Whether you have a school choir, church choir, or show choir, you can benefit from using our easy choir fundraising option. Our team will gather details about your choir group so we can set up your online store. We’ll help you figure out the best design choice and screen printed or embroidered apparel options you want to offer. You’ll be pleased to know we have a wide variety of products, colors, and sizes to choose from at American Tees.

    Once your store is created, our team will keep track of all the orders and details. We’ll also keep up with payments received from your buyers through our safe, secure payment portal. From this point, we’ll give you a link to share with your easy choir fundraiser potential supporters. Promoting your easy choir fundraising online store will be the most “difficult” thing you have to do!

    When your easy online choir fundraiser has ended, we’ll create all of the orders your fundraiser received. Then, you’ll be notified that the orders are ready. We’ll sort and ship your orders to your buyers, or they’ll be available for local pick up if you choose.


    New sheet music and choir equipment can be purchased with profits from your choir fundraiser.

    Because American Tees offers a free online fundraising store, that means you get to keep all the profits! You’ll receive a check from us once your easy choir fundraiser is complete. Then you can use that money for our choir group’s needs. Use your easy choir fundraiser profits to purchase new sheet music, upgrade equipment, and order the new uniforms you’ve been eye-balling for what seems like forever. Whatever the need, you’ll be able to fulfil it after having a successful choir fundraising campaign with American Tees.


    Now that you know the details of the Easiest Fundraiser Ever, it should be an easy choice for your next easy choir fundraiser. It’s with great pride that we offer our easy choir fundraiser to choirs of all sorts. We’ll even help you reach your fundraising goals with the tips we have to increase sales and maximize your profits.

    You can contact us if you have any further questions about our easy choir fundraiser or visit our website to get yours started! Get your screen printed or embroidered choir apparel fundraising campaign started with American Tees so you can be on your way to earning money for your choir’s needs!

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