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Whether pre-school or senior, every class should have one!

What better way to commemorate the year than by having a class t-shirt for your student. We love being able to help design, create, and bring to life your ideas.

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Want an easier way for you or your student’s class to order their shirts and raise money? Fill out our online store form to get your free online store today! We do all the work so you won’t have to.

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Not sure what t-shirt to go with? Don’t worry! Check out our product database to see just what all we offer and the plethora of options to choose from.

Why you should get Class Tees

Check out our blog post on the importance of ordering class tees from when your child is first starting out in school all the way up to when they graduate.

Our experience with American Ts has been flawless from start to finish on each order, whether big or small. The people are friendly, knowledgeable, and timely, and the products vastly exceeded our expectations. The prices were extremely reasonable as well. We will be coming back for all future orders, and would highly recommend them to anyone.

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