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Class Tees- A great way to commemorate the school year 

Whether your little one is starting pre-school, or your teenager is graduating high school, creating a class tee will help your child commemorate the school year. 

As a parent, Time is fleeting so quickly that it can be hard to capture moments and create memories. One day your sweet little child is grasping the concepts of how to say the ABCs and the next they’re trying to figure out what college is the best fit. Thankfully there is a perfect way to make sure those memories don’t fade away. 

Creating Memories

By creating a class tee, you can commemorate each year with your child and their classmates as they go from grade to grade. This is something your child can look forward to every year along with their friends. Just imagine how cute your four or five year old will look matching with all of their friends!  It’s not just a way for you to connect with your child but to also connect with other parents by involving them in the process. You can create a culture of class unity by getting t-shirts for your child. You don’t have to wait till they are a senior to start this memory making opportunity! 

Photo Opportunity 

With social media being a huge influence in our lives, we sometimes cave into the new trends of taking a first and last day picture of our child. Wouldn’t it be great to have them in their class tee on their last day of school for you to post? It is also a great photo op to get all of their classmates in a group photo with the matching shirts. This also can connect your family and friends on your social media so they can also feel like they are a part of their lives. Grandma and Grandpa who live out of state can proudly print off the picture and identify which grade they were in when they look at it years later because of their class shirt! 

Perfect Graduation Gift

Now that your child has begun their senior year, your mind is racing with what all to get them for their graduation. You don’t just want to give them money, or a new car, it wouldn’t have any meaning or memory behind it. You’re in luck though! By having your child get a class t-shirt every year since pre-school, you have enough shirts to gift them with a t-shirt quilt! When your student moves into that new dorm so far away from home and anything familiar, they can pull out the quilt you made them and be constantly reminded of home and the memories they created from each year they were in school. 

How should I design their class tee?

I am so glad you asked! Here at American Tees we have a whole design team who can help you from start to finish in designing your shirt every year. You have so many options for what you can include on your shirt. A favorite for class tees is to have the kids write their names out and put that on the back with their teachers name, grade, and school logo on the front. We can then screen print it on there for you. If you are creating class shirts for high schoolers, they generally have very creative and fun ideas, so make sure you include them as well in the process. We have had some high school classes do a different board game theme for each grade’s shirt. Or a T.V. show like friends as a design. Your options are truly limitless and we are here and ready to help. 

How do I sell their class tee to their classmates? 

Again, I am so glad you asked this question. We also offer, here at American Ts the option to create an online store to sell your shirt. This is a hassle-free option where you really don’t have to do any work! We will create the online store for you, design the shirts, screen print them, sell and handle the money, and deliver them. The only task you have is to share your store link with parents or with students if they are old enough. From there they will click onto your customized online store and purchase the shirts. You also have the opportunity to make a profit off of it as well if you are needing to do a fundraiser or just want to be compensated for organizing the class t-shirt. 

Want to know more on how to get your online store started?

Want to handle it all yourself and just have us help with design and screen printing? 

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