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Best Ways to Take Orders for Bulk Tees When Needing Sizes from Your Group

When you need to outfit your crew with tees, it can seem like a really daunting task. American Tees is here to make your life easier by giving you options to provide apparel for your team! 

If you need to order for an upcoming event, buying in bulk is typically the easiest way to do so. You’ll want to order more than your needed quantity of shirts to ensure you have sizes available for possible exchanges.

Know your audience

It’s extremely important to know your audience before you order. If you’re bulk ordering for highschool students, you’ll probably tend to be in the small and medium range with other sizes thrown in. Ordering for young adults would most likely range in the medium and large sizes with other sizes thrown in. Adults typically have large and extra large as the most popular sizes. If you are buying for a 5K or shirts for a running team or cycling team, chances are the sizes will lean toward the smaller sizes since they will have more of an athletic build.  I think you can get where we are coming from when we say “know your audience”. T-shirts are a great giveaway, but it is important to have the right size ranges there. 

When ordering in bulk, you’ll want to avoid ordering ladies fitted shirts. You’ll want something trendier, with a good average size, while still staying within your budget. Our Client Services team can assist you by giving you ideas and showing you samples of the right shirt choice for your needs.

color options

Although ordering several shirt colors sounds absolutely fantastic,  unfortunately, it makes bulk ordering much more difficult on you when it is time to hand out or sell shirts. Choosing one color of shirt to order is best for bulk ordering. If you choose multiple colors, you’ll want to be sure you have enough of each color for your audience. We also urge you to be cautious in choosing shirt colors as some people prefer not to wear certain colors. For example, pink is a color many people will refuse to wear so you would want to make sure you have another option available for them if pink is one of your shirt colors.

using order forms

One way to collect orders for a bulk order is by using an order form. You would collect the details from each buyer including size, color, quantity, etc. Once you have everyone’s order, you’d tally up the number of each size and color needed and collect the money to turn in to us. We suggest ordering extras so any issues will be covered as a lot of times miscounts happen when you are tallying up the orders, or your buyers can accidentally check the wrong box.

 After the order is complete and ready for pick up, you would sort and deliver the shirts to the buyers. The use of an order form eliminates the possibility of the order being shipped directly to the buyer unless you plan to ship them yourself. Although this option does keep you from overbuying or not having enough of the correct sizes, it does add more leg work and places all of the responsibility on you.

We will gladly create and email an order form pdf to you upon request, but there are additional costs to be considered if you choose to go this route. You would incur the cost of paper and ink needed to print the order forms yourself, or the cost for printing them if you choose to have them printed at a store. 

online store ordering

If you don’t want the pressure of a bulk order on your shoulders, an online store is the perfect alternative! Creating an online store eliminates your responsibility of keeping track of orders, correct shirt sizing, and other important details. An online store allows each person to individually input their order details and pay directly online. Once it’s ready, we sort, bag and ship the order for you, or we can sort and bag them for you to pick up and pass out at your event directly! We balance out to zero when sorting shirts to ensure everyone gets the right size, so if any errors occur we take care of it.  If you are looking to raise money, we have even better solutions! From simply adding on a commission of a few dollars to a percentage or using our Fundraising Solutions with prize incentives for your sellers, we have your fundraising needs taken care of! Contact our team today! 

We can also create marketing materials such as flyers, social media graphics, and a pdf for you to print out if you wish, just ask! If you want a QR code for potential supporters to scan to easily access your online store, we will include a QR code for free.

get started today

Are you ready to place a bulk order? Our team is ready to assist you in placing your bulk shirt order, whichever way best fits your needs! Contact us today to get the ball rolling. We’ll have your group outfitted in the best tees in no time! Should you decide that creating an online ordering store is better suited for your needs, get started HERE!

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